Sally Hardesty was the final girl of the 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She was played by actress Marilyn Burns.

The Texas Chainsaw MassacreEdit

Sally Hardesty and her brother Franklin are on their way to Texas with the friends to visit their grandfather's gravesite to investigate recent reports of grave-robbing and vandalism in the area.

Along the way, Sally and her friends pick up a hitchhiker, who unnerves them and makes them fear for their lives and their safety. He is ejected from their van. After being told the gas station is out of gas, they decide to go back later.

With darkness fast approaching and all of their friends missing, Sally and her invalid brother go out searching for the others. Franklin is killed by Leatherface. Sally makes her way to the house where her friends are killed, but manages to escape the house and make it to the gas station.

However, her savior in the proprietor turns into the devil, as he is working with Leatherface and his cannibal family, which includes the hitchhiker they picked up at the beginning of the film. Sally is taken back to the home and tied up. When the hitchhiker recognizes Sally, he begins taunting at her, delighted at the reversal of fortunes.

Sally is tortured and tormented by the family. They thing bring down their grandfather, who is supposed to kill her. He is unable to, and Sally manages to break free from the rest of the family and escapes the house by leaping through the front window. She runs for her life, finding rescue in a truck driver. Covered in blood, Sally laughs hysterically at her ordeal as Leatherface is left swinging his chainsaw in irritation.


Despite the fact that director Tobe Hooper employed a stunt double for Sally's leap out the window, actress Marilyn Burns hurt herself doing the insert of her fall

Marilyn Burns' costume was so drenched in fake blood that it was practically solid by the final day of filming.

Marilyn Burns cut herself a lot on the branches and things running from Leatherface. Some of the blood on her and her clothing is real.