Julianne Lila

Julianne Moore in 1998's Psycho

Lila Crane is the Final Girl of the 1998 remake of Psycho. She was portrayed by actress Julianne Moore and by Vera Miles in the 1960 original.


Lila Crane is in Arizona when her sister Marion disappears with 400,000 dollars from her employer. Worried about her sister, Lila goes to her sister's lover Sam Loomis and demands to know where Marion is, unaware that she died at the Bates Motel.

Marion's employer has hired a private investigator to find her, and Lila and Sam opt to fully co-operate with him in hopes of finding Marion. He contacts Lila after speaking to Bates Motel owner Norman Bates and informs her he will call her back after he speaks with Norman's mother. He never returns.

Lila and Sam go undercover and check in at the Bates Motel. Lila goes to investigate the Bates house in hopes of talking to Norman's mother. She is attacked in the basement by Norman after discovering the skeletal remains of his mother, but Sam rescues her, and Norman is arrested.

At the police station, Lila is informed that her sister is dead.


Vera Lila

Vera Miles as Lila in 1960's Psycho

Laura Linney was offered the role of Lila, but she turned it down to star in the Truman Show.

Vera Miles had to wear a wig in the 1960 version because she had shaved her head for the film 5 Branded Women.