Patricia Kristen

Kristen Parker was the Final Girl of the 1987 horror film Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. She was portrayed by actress Patricia Arquette.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3Edit

Kristen Parker is a Springwood High student haunted by pattern nightmares of a burned man in a dirty red and green sweater. Despite her pleas about nightmares and her resistance to sleep, her mother dismisses her as troublesome. After a particularly terrible nightmare that sees dreamstalker Freddy Krueger slit her wrists, Kristen's mother sees Kristen's nightmarish assault as a suicide attempt.

Now institutionalized at the Westin Hills Psychiatric facility, Kristen realizes that she is not the only having pattern nightmares of this dream demon. The other patients, however, begin to die. With the help of dream intern and original Nightmare survivor Nancy Thompson, she and the remaining patients delve into the dream world to take out Freddy Krueger once and for all.

Sedated after an outburst stemming from the firing of Nancy, Kristen is thrown into the facility's Quiet Room and left defenseless against the oncoming onslaught of Freddy Krueger. While others in the group are killed, including Nancy, Kristen and her friends Joey and Kincaid manage to survive.

Other InformationEdit

Kristen Parker has the ability to pull people in and out of dreams. She is also very agile, athletic and gymnastic in her dreamland.

Kristen Parker is the product of a divorced household. She lives with her mother Elaine, who is more concerned about her life and her "guests" than Kristen's well-being.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream MasterEdit

In 1988, a sequel to Dream Warriors was made, with Kristen Parker being played this time by actress Tuesday Knight.

Unfortunately for one of Elm Street's Final Girls, Kristen's story does not end happy. After stirring up Freddy Krueger, she and the rest of her friends are killed by Freddy. She manages to pass her dream powers along to her friend Alice Johnson before being thrown into a furnace.
Tuesday Kristen

In reality, it appeared Kristen was burned alive in a house fire.


Rachel Talalay, one of Elm Street's production mainstays, claims that Patricia Arquette was never approached to do Nightmare on Elm Street 4. Patricia Arquette was pregnant at the time.

Tuesday Knight -- the actress who played Kristen in Elm Street 4 -- also sang the film's opening